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Achieve glowing skin, all year round

Posted by Natalie Hughes on


 Achieve glowing skin, all year round

No matter the season, your skin should be well nourished and hydrated. Drinking water, getting enough sleep and feeling happy all play a part in achieving that glowing complexion. Just as essential to a healthy glow, is nourishing our skin with a natural and gentle moisturiser. 

Prep it

Before reaching for your gorgeous new tub of moisturiser, it’s important to prep your skin. Exfoliating our bodies not only buffs away dead skin cells, it also increases circulation. uses 100% natural, paraben & sulfate free ingredients in our Jasmin & Rose Miracle Glow Scrub so you can feel good about what you’re using whilst unveiling silky smooth skin. Use your exfoliator on wet or dry skin and always massage in circular motions before rinsing. 

Get your glow on

After exfoliating, it’s time to lock in moisture with a hydrating body milk. Our Jasmin & Rose Miracle Glow Milk is 100% natural and full of goodies like shea butter and essential oils to feed your skin. Always let your moisturiser absorb a little before massaging into your skin. Hello glow! 

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