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Our home is our sanctuary

Posted by Natalie Hughes on

Our home is our sanctuary

Whether you’re working from home, entertaining or just spending more time indoors, it’s so important to make your space your sanctuary. Rearranging your furniture or adding some new cushions and a throw instantly refreshes a room and makes it feel cosy and inviting. Introducing different scents to your home can have positive effects on your mood, sleep and overall well-being.

Self care 

Having a busy life shouldn’t mean neglecting ourselves. If you only have 15 minutes to yourself, make it count and start a daily ritual of self care. Walk around the block, breathe, meditate. All these rituals don’t take long but make all the difference to your day. Close your eyes and let your senses take you to another place through scent.

Surround yourself with luxury 

Reed Diffusers are a safe and stylish way to disperse your favourite scent throughout your home whether you’re wanting one signature scent or a different scent for each room. For the Bohemian, why not try a vibrant and herbaceous blend of citrus, geranium and musk. Or for a more Regal scent, try exotic white blossom and palmarosa. Looking for something rare and luxurious? Blue lotus and freesia will transform you to a world of opulence, in your own home. Always look for reusable diffuser bottles that also offer refills. 

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