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Our goal at is to contribute to the sustainability of our homes and the  environment through conscious, ongoing improvements in the development of our products and ingredients. We are continually researching and making improvements which result in reducing the environmental impact of our business and the homes of our community.


As a company, we at recognise the urgent need for sustainable living. That's why we strive to make environmental considerations a key part of our operations, including understanding and reducing our emissions whenever possible. We also invest in climate projects to help offset our carbon footprint. But we don't just stop there - we value our customers and want to give you the opportunity to help shape our portfolio of verified carbon offsets by casting your vote at the end of your shopping journey. Through our partnership with Clima, we can all do our part to help create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


Besides our bottles being 100% recyclable, we also offer refills and concentrates for some of our range. This helps reduce our plastic footprint, giving you the option to reuse your bottles, rather than purchasing a new bottle each time. The outer casing on the lids of our personal care jars is made from bamboo and completely compostable along with all of the other bamboo that makes up our accessory range. 

Our bio-fill packaging peanuts that we use to keep your products secure during shipping are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They are compostable and can be dissolved in hot water, which means you can safely dispose of them down the sink. Always looking at ways to improve our packaging, we are proud to announce that our All-Purpose & Bathroom Cleaner concentrate refills are now available in an eco-friendly glass bottle. 


We have gone to great lengths during the development of our products to source the best quality ingredients available, that are non-toxic on your skin and the environment. Developed, tried and tested to make sure we are providing our consumers with a product that we trust.