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The Old Faithful: Why Hand Cream is a must for your beauty routine

Posted by Natalie Hughes on

The last ten years have seen a massive rise in the prominence of skincare, with everyone and their sister now having a dedicated five step routine down pat. But did you know that your hands age just as fast as your face? The delicate skin on your hands cops heaps of exposure from the harsh Aussie sun, and can easily get damaged from everyday exposure to pollutants, hot water, chemicals or bleach.

All of this exposure can lead to very dry, cracked and damaged skin, causing your hands to develop early signs of ageing - things like pigmentation, wrinkles and thinning of the skin. This is why a daily hand care ritual is so important to include in your beauty routine! Thankfully, it’s not as involved as skin care - consisting of just one step to achieve results - hoorah! A simple application of hand cream on your hands and cuticles twice daily should do the trick to keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated.

At, all of our hand creams are naturally derived and made with the purest ingredients to soothe, hydrate and replenish your skin. Our Award-winning 100% Natural Bergamot & Rosemary Hand Cream is created with Shea Butter, an ingredient that helps soften the skin while also acting as a healing agent and anti-inflammatory. Its intense repair formula works in multiple ways to protect your skin from damage. The urea used in our hand cream aids in treating dryness, while working to smooth over the microscopic cracks that appear which cause the skin to become rough and sensitive. The miracle cream also contains the goodness of both Vitamin C (anti-aging) and Vitamin E (cell restoration antioxidant) to boost hydration and restore your skin back to its youthful state!

Advantages of implementing a daily hand care routine into your life go beyond anti-aging - it actually also helps protect you against infections. When your hands are dehydrated, the dryness can turn into cracked and bleeding skin, making them vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections. This is because damaged skin can harbour more nasty pathogens than hydrated skin. Our hydrating hand cream provides the benefits of shea butter that works alongside provitamin B5 to create a protective barrier on your skin, preserving the moisture and shielding your hands from irritation. 

Involving hand cream as a daily part of our self care routine will help fight early signs of ageing, maintain skin health and keep any infections at bay. Achieve soft, healthy and youthful hands through proper care using a good quality hand cream. Our 100% natural Bergamot & Rosemary 120mL tube is truly a holy grail product for the team, with a divine scent and the added bonus of a gold tube key to ensure you get every last drop! (and looks cute). Eco-friendly, natural, beautiful hand care - has you covered.

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